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Your business processes are unique and hence your app requirements are also unique.

With our No Code platform, creating customised apps for your needs is as easy as working with Excel sheets.

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Common Apps customers build

We provide a set of software blocks using which any kind of process apps can be built without writing a single line of code. These are some common use case but just like a Spreadsheet, Clappia platform has no limits on use cases.
Field Staff Apps

Apps to streamline processes involving field staffs like sales tracking, order collection, inventory status etc.

Offline Data Collection

Apps to collect data without reliable internet connection. The collected data get synched when the internet is back

Custom RMs

Custom Relationship Management applications for clients (CRM), employees, vendors, suppliers, partners etc.

Field Ticket Apps

Apps to manage field tickets, service tickets, support tickets etc. involving field employees

Custom Task Managers

Custom task managers because available task managers don't fulfil your niche requirement

Checklist Apps

Any process checklist, SOPs, quality checklist, COVID19 checklists or name anything that was on paper before


Generating docs like work orders, purchase orders, certificates, receipts etc. with workflows and notifications

Incident Reporting

Customised incident reporting apps for internal staff, customers or citizens or any other stakeholder

Receivable/Payable Apps

Customised apps to track and notify stakeholders about the receivables or the payables

Custom Audit Apps

Easy to create and distribute audit apps for any kind of internal or external and single or routine auditing

Approval Apps

Apps for any kind of approvals by the stakeholders with complete data access control and audit trails


The way Spreadsheet has no use case limit, Clappia also has no limits in terms of use cases.

+ thousands of custom use cases. Schedule a call to explore.

Create customised apps using configurable software blocks

Create simple apps to very complex ERPs just by using a set of pre-designed software blocks that can be configured by anyone.

Provide the business logic and our platform will take care of the tech stack that is required for the apps to work.


Automate backend behaviour using a visual editor

Configure workflows, automation rules, notification messages, approval permissions, time bound behaviours etc. using a visual editor.    

With Clappia, you don't need to learn any new language. You can translate your business logic using the visual editors or through Spreadsheet formula syntax.

Get apps for Web, Android and iOS instantly

All apps built on Clappia get device responsive apps for Web, Android and iOS. This further reduces the efforts to bring a truly new age software system in your organisation.

Users download and login to a common container app from the Play Store or the App Store. You, as an admin, can remotely push the apps to those container apps. No hassles of installs, upgrades, app store hosting etc.


Integrate with other apps and services

Integrate with existing system through our APIs and extend their capabilities.

Our Zapier connector can let you configure and connect with any system without writing a single line of code.

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