Customer Service



A culture that fosters growth, teamwork
and dedication


Cargo Service Center is a learning organization, offering professionally engaging assignments in an ethical environment. Honesty and integrity in word and action, combined with work place ethics has guided the organization and its employees since its inception.

CSC endeavors to create an atmosphere where employees have the freedom to express their views and opinions on matters pertaining to the organization and its functioning. Every such opinion is given due importance and weightage in the decision making and policy formulation process.

The Company strives to excel in a dynamic, competitive and challenging environment. In the process, CSC provides equal opportunities for all employees, with a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of discrimination and/or harassment. CSC recognizes and adequately rewards its employees for their contribution to the Company’s growth, and the prevailing compensation standard is always benchmarked in-line with the industry practice.

According mutual respect and dignity to Employees, Customers and Business Partners, Cargo Service Center is proud to foster a workplace culture nurtured by its core values – Honesty and Integrity, Trust, Teamwork, Fun & Enjoyment, Learning Opportunities and Excellence.

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