Customer Service



A customer service commitment that
makes a difference

Truly understanding our customers is at the crux of our capability to exceed our clients’ expectations, over and over again. Read on to find out what makes us special - and why the world’s leading airlines chose to partner with us.

The Right People.

We are a people-driven organization with unmatched domain expertise. Excellence, Innovation and a Customer-focused commitment has become second-nature for every CSC-ian. Its a testament to why some of the world’s leading airlines have relied on our cargo ground handling services since inception.

Unmatched Operational Expertise.

Two decades of dedicated ground handling services to the world’s leading airlines coupled with the right set of people has given us extensive knowledge and the operational edge in cargo handling and terminal operations, bringing the next level of efficiency to our clients.

An Unwavering Commitment.

We are committed to delivering cost efficient, high quality, air cargo handling and warehousing services to our supply chain partners through our state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff. Our Customer-Service-Commitment to each of our clients is unwavering.

In-depth Process Knowledge.

Detailed SOPs and SLAs with each of our airline carriers, combined with regular audits is a testament to our focus on processes knowledge and adherence without compromise.

Customer Interaction & Feedback.

Our commitment and ability to deliver unmatched, efficient, innovative solutions to each of our clients stems from our constant, regular customer interaction and feedback to add value to their business.

Empathy in our approach.

We communicate to our customers in a language they understand. We understand our customers and constantly adapt to their changing requirements.

Our Service Assurance.

Our assurance to every client stems from creditability – a combination of trustworthiness, believability and the honesty of our staff in every activity.

Delivering Tangible Capabilities.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure combined with a highly skilled and committed workforce – two of our most visible assets are always geared to exceed our clients expectations.

Reliability that you can depend on, Always.

We have never let a customer down. We’re there when reliability matters – leading from the front and lending robust support to our customers. Excelling in some of most challenging situations for our clients has set us apart from the crowd.

Responsive to Customers’ requirements.

We are a customer-focused organization, with an uncompromising attitude to always help our clients and provide a lasting solution. From customization to optimization, every requirement is proactively met.

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